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Square Nails were originally hand forged, they were valuable and completely re-useable! When a building burnt down the nails were salvaged from the ashes, they were often more valuable than the wood itself. Thus a square nail represents a time when precious little was wasted. How we get back to that basic assumption; that nothing should go to waste, is the question of our time.

The industries that make up our built environment have been working in silos for generations. Each has its part in the linear progression that creates our buildings and the dramatic level of waste we now live with. SNC is dedicated to the concept that only when the various players in our connected industries work together to break this linear isolation will we be able to build solutions locally, regionally and nationally.

So, wherever you are along your journey toward building a better future SNC would love the opportunity to work with you to help build solutions.

"I have spent the past 30 years building, remodeling and promoting reuse. For the last 15 years I have been a national leader and thought provoker in the building materials reuse industry. I led the Portland Oregon ReStores to being one of the most well organized and profitable ReStore operations in the country, led the Building Materials Reuse Association through its shift to "Build Reuse", and have mentored and encouraged people within the reuse industry across the country. Square Nail is my next iteration in which I hope to continue building our reuse industry by working directly with businesses and organizations to meet their goals and connect with the others around them that create our built environment. 
I believe whole heartedly that our building industry needs to shift its fundamental approach back to our age old wisdom and traditions of never wasting our resources, our time, or our people." 


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  • 9/16/2020 10:00 AM
  • Online Event

Building relationships with community stakeholders in Western PA to build our Reuse and Deconstruction economy.

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  • $85
  • 10/21/2019 09:00 AM - 10/23/2019 01:00 PM
  • Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens: Center for Sustainable Landscapes, Schenley Drive, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

As a member of Build Reuse I list this event here and will list all of their future events. This was not a SNC event.

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Why is our default C&D, construction and demolition? How and when did those two get married into such an unholy union? And why do we continue in the age of waste to use such archaic language that perpetuates the worst of our practices. I would like to suggest we switch to C&R, construction and reuse!

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What is true customer service? Its generosity, its truthfulness, and its kindness; or its nothing.

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Joe Connell came highly recommended as a Habitat for Humanity ReStore and Reuse industry expert, with strong expertise and accolades for his work in Habitat ReStore (resale / retail) management. Joe provided us consulting services for our own ReStore operation, doing onsite and phone interviews of our team, and incorporating all of our feedback into actionable recommendations. Joe’s passion for community-service-driven work is contagious, and he gave us steps to not only financial soundness, but with the mission-driven aspects of the work in mind. He made everything easy and pleasant, provided great results for the cost, and gave us a valuable, objective overview of our business and what areas to target for stability, growth and long-term success."

Jean BridgesCOO & CFO, Habitat for Humanity East Bay Silicon Valley

Joe has an uncanny balance of strengths and perspectives that are ideally suited to leading a social enterprise like ReStore. I think it's rare to find someone that is truly equally driven by the structure and physical operations that enable an organization (getting things done) as by the mission and social good (why we do it.) While many claim to be driven by both, most leaders' minds and hearts are firmly in one camp or the other. With both sides, Joe's unflagging interest is the people, whether that's building capacity and shared understanding in his staff; removing obstacles to their work; delivering a better experience for customers; getting the word out to, and engaging more of, the community; or celebrating the ReStore's impact in converting resalable goods into actual homes for Habitat families. Joe's balance and appreciation for both structure and spirit made my job as a brand strategist infinitely easier and more rewarding."

Jason HalsteadBrand Strategist

Joe assisted us during our initial set-up of our Building Materials Reuse Store in Santa Rosa. Great advice and information on operations. Joe has also championed and supported our work organizing the Reuse industry in the Bay Area. Thanks Joe for being so awesome and calming in a sea of reuse chaos!"

Nicole TaiCEO, Greenlynx Retail Store & Deconstruction

Joe is an extremely pragmatic and effective leader. When I was a part of the Habitat for Humanity Portland Metro East Board, I interacted with Joe on several different occasions and worked with him closely on several projects. I was always impressed with how Joe was able to see through the noise and distractions driving to quick, positive outcomes. Problem arises? Joe was quick to lead his team to an effective resolution that made sense. Need to get organized? Joe was strategic on how is organization was structured for maximum effectiveness that complemented his leadership abilities. Good peer? Joe developed strong relationships understanding that his network was key to his success and helped others to be successful. I am a big fan of Joe's and would gladly work with him again on future endeavors."

Rick ZindaPresident, CommunityRight, LLC / Entrepreneur

I only have tremendous things to say about working with Joe Connell. For over three years, Joe and I served together on the Board of Directors of the Montavilla Farmers Market where he shined in his ability to grasp and execute on longterm strategy, led and taught others in nonprofit and small business best practices, and was always full of exciting ideas for the organization's sustained growth and community engagement. Joe's vast experience in retail operations, paired with his genuine warmth and kindness, make him one of the most trusted and valuable colleagues I've had in a volunteer (or paid!) experience."

Evan P. SchneiderWriter/Editor/Creative Director

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