Square Nail Consulting is launched!

After 15 years in construction followed by 15 years in building materials reuse I am going out on my own to help bring the two closer together.

Our communities exist within the structure of our built environment. Communities are by nature extremely integrated and dependent upon the buildings we live, work, learn and play in. Yet for the most part community development, economic development, and the development of our built environment work in silos. 

This is never truer than when a building is at the end of use. So SNC's goal is to create conversations between the various key players at local levels, partnering with local leaders. Conversations about how to engage and encourage everyone to take advantage of the resources and embodied wealth within their existing buildings. Every building that gets renovated or removed has some value, and the materials can be reinvested into the local community to help us rebuild lives, trust, and diversity. 

SNC is also dedicated to helping existing reuse operations and operators succeed. We can only build our industry if we are continuing to build our capacity as individual businesses, if we build partnerships and coalitions, and if we reach out to the various industries that create our built world. 

So whether you own a reuse business or an organization, are thinking about starting one, or just want to start a larger conversation in your community, consider SNC. After all, we're all in this together. 

Joe Connell

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