"Construction & Reuse: C&R" Symposiums

"Construction & Reuse: C&R" Symposiums

We tailor this symposium to your crowd so whether you want to bring us in to educate architects and construction folks, civic leaders and developers, or the general public [or a combination] we can work with you. 

We know that one size does not fit all so rather than bringing in a team that does not know your community we work within our network to gather speakers and workshop leaders from your region or city. This brings you a truly localized symposium that can address the needs of your community.

Host a symposium to learn:

  • how to turn C&D [construction and demolition] into C&R [construction and reuse]
  • how to start working with community leaders to create incentives to reuse
  • how to start also working to remove barriers to reuse
  • how deconstruction and the reuse of building materials can help a community meet their sustainability goals
  • how to bring together a team of local professionals to start building your local building reuse network
  • how design is the driver to successful reuse strategies
  • how historic preservation and urban development can partner with reuse to meet common goals
  • how to create local jobs through reuse, and find funding to help with workforce training

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